Score Groups

Score Groups are the basis for determining:

  1. Which grades are available for a teacher to assign to a student at the end of a quarter in the teacher's particular class,
  2. How grades are displayed on report cards and transcripts,
  3. Whether a grade is considered passing or not (which determines whether credit is earned or not), and
  4. How the grade earned in a course is calculated into GPA (provided it has a GPA weight).

It is critical that each course in the district is assigned to the proper score group. A single error can prevent teachers from being able to assign the proper grade to a student, or it could prevent a student's GPA/class rank from being calculated properly. Accuracy is required.

Pull down the score groups menu above and click on an individual score group to review its values. To view the score group assigned to a certain class, pull down the course catalogs menu item and select the building in which the course is offered.